I've lived in Alameda for many years, in that time I've noticed we have a lot of unique cars. This site is a tribute to them. And a reason to go for a bike ride with my camera.

All the pictures on this site of are of cars that live or park in Alameda California. A few of them are pretty trick and running smooth but many others are just rusting in driveways. Many of them are barely running trashed jalopies filled with junk. The density of unusual cars is so high in Alameda that in a few shots you can see other cool or unusual cars in the background.

There are a few cars that I wanted to get photos of but they seem to be gone, a Lamborghini Espada among others. There are also a lot of cool cars in Alameda that aren't going to make it on the site, I'm mostly interested in cars from the '70's or earlier with a great fondness for cars from the muscle car period or other rides that you don't see every day. Old stuff, one off's & whacky customs are the ones that catch my eye.

Any ways, enjoy the eclectic collection we have on this little island on the San Francisco Bay.

All photos on this site taken in Alameda city limits unless otherwise noted.